Practice and improve your conversation skills in English


This advanced course is aimed at wine professionals who are familiar with wine-related vocabulary but want to practice and improve their conversational skills in English. A B-2 level of English is desirable to take part in this course.


  • An eminently practical course for students to use their wine-related vocabulary and engage in wine-related discussions. Debates will cover a wealth of topics such as grape growing and winemaking, wine consumption, sales and marketing, the state of the industry, wine tourism, food and wine as well as explaining your region and wines to an audience.
  • The course includes a wine tasting on the last day to practice and improve tasting-related vocabulary.
  • As the course is spread over four weeks, students will be asked to think of questions and answers about particular topics ahead of the following class.


Yolanda Ortiz de Arri. Journalist and translator specialised in wine.


Har ezazu campus-txartela eta goza itzazu Arabako Errioxako Campus Enogastronomikoko ikastaro guztiak. Sar zaitez enoturismoan espezializatutako formazio mundu ikaragarrian, oso prezio berezian (BEZa ez barne)
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